Terms of use

While at the time of writing the majority of my plugins are free for both non-commercial and commercial use, some of them have commercial license requirements.

I understand that it would be easier if all my plugins were completely free but the reality is that making and supporting plugins over time is a very time-consuming job. Some plugins are more complex and require far more support than others, and this is why I’ve decided to charge commercial fees for some of them.

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Terms of use changes

This page is at any time the applicable and current terms of use for all plugins released by me. I may change these terms at any time without prior notice. The terms for your use of my plugins will be the current terms on this page at time of download. I keep a full revision history of any and all changes to these terms. You can make a copy for your own reference by clicking the “Print” button above.

General terms for all plugins

All plugins are provided as-is at time of download. I take no responsibility for any potential damages caused to your project as a result of using my plugins.

Please don’t repost my plugin files on other websites or hosting services; instead link to the plugin pages on this site. Thank you.

Terms for free plugins

The following terms are applicable to all my plugins that are marked free for commercial use: Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

Giving appropriate credit

You should credit “Tor Damian Design” for all the plugins you use, both commercially and non-commercially. How you display the credit is up to you, but make it so the player doesn’t have to search for it. Putting the credits in your game’s credits is perfectly fine.

Terms for plugins that require a commercial license

When my plugins have a commercial usage clause, the following are the terms associated with using them for
non-commercial purposes: Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License
For the commercial terms of use please read on.

Obtain a commercial license

To use my plugins that require a license for use in your commercial project, you must obtain said license from me before you start selling your game.

To acquire a commercial license for one or more of my plugins you can contact me using e-mail. Please list the plugins you want to buy a license for and the name of the project to tie them to. At the time of writing I only accept payment via PayPal: I will send you an invoice and once it’s been paid I’ll register your project and associated plugins in my software to keep track of your licenses. I’ll also send you a confirmation e-mail to confirm that this has been done.

Per-project license

To make it easier on you, all licenses are per-project. This means that the cost is the same regardless of how big your team is, which makes it easier on everyone as the cost won’t change if the team changes.

Quantity discounts

If you use many of my plugins that require commercial licenses for your project, I may be able to give you a discount. Please contact me to discuss this.

Project changes

When you purchase a license for commercial use of one of my plugins you are granted the right to use it commercially in one specified project only. If your project is cancelled and you want to transfer the license to a new one, please contact me. Unless there’s some unusual circumstances on your part I won’t charge you anything for this change. Likewise if your project’s name changes between obtaining a license and release, please contact me so I can update my records for your benefit.

Use restrictions

You may freely modify the plugin within the confines of the project. You may not resell the plugin as-is, nor use it as part of your own plugins that you resell or give away for free.

Price changes

All prices are stated on the individual plugin pages on this website. While they may change over time, the price you bought the license(s) for stays fixed for that project, so I won’t ask for more if the price goes up nor can you ask for the difference back if it were to be lowered at some later point in time.


For license inquiries and questions related to commercial use of my plugins, please see the contact page.