No Fast Forward

No Fast Forward lets you disable fast-forwarding for Move Routes and/or Show Text. By default you can hold down the OK key or your finger on the touch screen and make Move Routes and the text display in Show Text fast-forward.

Commercial use Free. See Terms of use page for details.
Latest version 2.1.0
Last updated 2015-12-01
Dependencies None
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Plugin Options

Disable for Move Routes

Disable for Move Routes option

Disable for Move Routes option

true Disables fast-forwarding for Move Routes globally
false (default) Enables fast-forwarding for Move Routes globally

Disable for Text

Disable for Text option

Disable for Text option

true Disables fast-forwarding for Show Text globally
false (default) Enables fast-forwarding for Show Text globally

Plugin Commands

DisableTextFF & EnableTextFF

Plugin Commands: DisableTextFF and EnableTextFF

This pair of Plugin Commands can be used to disable fast-forward for a range of Show Dialogue messages. Once DisableTextFF is run, all subsequent Show Text messages will have fast-forward disabled up until the mirror command EnableTextFF is run. See the above screenshot for an example.

These Plugin Commands are case-insensitive.


Plugin Command: DisableNextTextFF

Plugin Command: DisableNextTextFF

This Plugin Command will disable fast-forward only for the next Show Message dialogue shown after it, and thereafter resets itself. Useful for one-off instances.

This Plugin Commands is case-insensitive.


version Description
2.1.0 Based on feedback, altered how DisableTextFF works. Now toggles fast-forward off until a mirror command, EnableTextFF, is called. DisableNextTextFF performs the job of the old DisableTextFF, disabling fast-forward for only the very next Show Dialogue message before resetting itself.
2.0.0 Major version bump due to change in fundamental workings of the plugin. There are now two new plugin options:

  • Disable for Move Routes – Disables fast-forward for Move Routes
  • Disable for Text – Disables fast-forward for Show Text

Both of these options are global. In addition, a Plugin Command has been added:

  • DisableTextFF – Disables fast-forward for the text in the next Show Text message.
1.0.0 Initial stable release.