Manage Dashing

Lets you manage the dashing mode (or disable it altogether!) in your game with simple plugin options.

Commercial use Free. See Terms of use page for details.
Latest version 1.0.1
Last updated 2015-12-31
Dependencies None
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Plugin options

Disable Auto-dash

Option  Description
true Disables auto-dashing
false Enables auto-dashing (default)

If set to true this disables touch and mouse input to cause auto-dashing behavior. You can still use the dash button to dash.

Force Dashing

true This forces dashing to be on in the game. This wil also remove the superfluous “Always Dash” game option if true.
false Default. This does not force dashing.

Disable Dashing

Option  Description
true Disables dashing
false Enables dashing (default)

If set to true this disables dashing completely in the game. This will also remove the “Always Dash” game option.

Remove Dash Option

Option  Description
true Removes the "Always Dash" option in the game's options.
false Shows the "Always Dash" option in the game's options (default)