Weekly update for week 48-49

Time for the weekly update! These will probably be on wednesdays going forward but it depends a bit on my schedule. I will strive to keep them coming every week though.

Status on plugin updates to come

Before I get to the plugin updates since last weekly update I’d like to take a moment to mention my current prioritized tasks and why things have been a bit slower than I’d like lately. To keep it short I’ve simply just been really busy with work and life and haven’t had much time on the side. None of the updates I’ve talked about in the individual plugin forum threads are forgotten, they’re simply a bit delayed: It’s all coming.

What I’ve placed at the top of my priority list right now are two rather major plugin updates:

  • BindPicturesToMap: A better more streamlined way to bind pictures to maps. The current method using parallel process events and plugin commands is tedious. The new version will be better for everyone and I’ll likely keep the current functionality in place for those that want to use it like that, but I’m adding automation to this that will make most people’s parallax mapping lives a lot easier.
  • Preload Manager: Preload entire folders on boot, and smarter cache management. These two options go kind of hand in hand due to the effect of the former on the latter. I want this done ASAP because it’s functionally important to a lot of users, including (but not prioritized because of it) myself.

If you’d like to see a list of all issues that I’ve logged and add your own if you’ve found any problems (or simply have an idea), take a look at the GitHub repository’s issues tracker page.

Plugin updates since last weekly update post

There’s only been one plugin update since last week, but it’s a big and useful one.

No Fast Forward This plugin received a major update, and now includes the option to both toggle the ability to fast-forward Move Routes as well as Show Text dialogue. Additionally a new Plugin Command has been added that lets you disable individual or multiple Show Text dialogues if you don’t want that globally set. 2.1.0