MV launch and what’s coming up

So MV has launched and a fair amount of support queries have been coming my way. I’m really looking forward to see what everyone does with my plugins and I hope all the documentation provided is useful — more will come, and improvements will be made based on feedback, too.

As for what’s coming up, first and foremost bug fixes and additions to existing plugins. Currently the following is on the top of my agenda (but in no particular order):

  • Full jsdoc compliant comments on all plugins
  • Friendlier error messages, particularly on BindPictureToMap upon improper use of Plugin Commands
  • New features for MouseSystemEx, including Auto Battle Event Cursor and Icon
  • Going through documentation to see if anything’s missing / can be improved. This is more a continous goal, but right now it’s a priority too.

I am also working on some new plugins, among them the Resource Manager. This will be a graphical interface to manage and see the used and unused resources in your game, and should be very helpful during development and when publishing your game, to know what can most likely be trimmed out. Some limitations apply, but it will make the job a lot easier.

Until next time, cheers!